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Staff Augmentaion

Resume and Interview Preparation

Agile Squad has a dedicated team of individuals that specialize in Staff Augmentation.

Your resume is the timeline of your Success. From the start of your career to present. Skills that have been acquired from deep challenges that were overcome.

Interviews are nerve wrecking, we know.

Let our team break down the Do’s and Do not’s. You’ll be a pro with just a few sessions with a team member.


Career guidance, everyone needs it. From entry level to executives. Your ideal career path may not be the most ideal. The Job Market changes daily. Re-route your career GPS and make your next stop the best stop. Agile Squad will lay out a road map of the highest paying, Increasing in-demand jobs within your current technical background.

Industry Specialists:
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceutical
  • Government and Public Sector

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