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Salesforce Consulting

As a Salesforce consulting partner with over a decade of experience implementing innovative cloud-based business solutions, we understand the importance of choosing the right partner. Our clients select Agile Squad because they are seeking more than just technical advice.

Salesforce Implementation

Low sales? Customer complaints increasing? Here’s how we can help.

With Salesforce CRM it has never been this easy to manage the key components to keep your business running smooth. Improve sales, manage customer feedback and grow your business to the next level. Here is how we do it:

  • Implementation Roadmap

    Agile Squad’s approach is to begin with a collaboratively run discovery phase that we call Tech Road-mapping. This process of discovery provides an opportunity to look at the exhaustive list of potential business values that could be generated by the deployment of Salesforce.

  • Data migration

    With filtered clean data, can the adoption of Salesforce reach its full potential. Our data and integration specialists can clean existing data, integrate to Salesforce and help you design and generate reports to improve decision making across your entire organization.

  • Using Salesforce to its full potential

    Salesforce integration is easy. Having your employees use salesforce to its full potential can be tricky. At Agile Squad, we understand that a Salesforce system will never reach its full potential if the end-user experience isn’t at the forefront of every design decision and isn’t included at the release of every new system change.

    Agile Squad has made it easy with an Interactive training program for business users. From Executives to entry-level sales/service consultants, Agile Squad will make sure each user understands the new processes using Salesforce and adapts effortlessly.

  • Update and Upgrade

    Salesforce has three releases a year. This rate of change can make absorbing all of the Salesforce advances akin to a full-time job. We partner with clients to create ongoing, repeatable processes for the assessment and deployment of system changes, ensuring that our clients always enjoy maximum value for their Salesforce investment.

  • Make your investment rewarding

    Could you be getting more value from your existing Salesforce licenses? It’s a simple question that most organizations struggle to answer. It’s also the question that Agile Squad puts at the heart of every engagement. Available to every Agile Squad customer is a free system assessment to identify areas of opportunity within the system with a focus on easy to implement features that drive transformative business value.

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