Contract Staffing Solutions

Building an agile and flexible workforce requires an easy and fast access to an expert pool of talent, available and on short notice. Agile Squad offers an immense database of pre-screened talent ranging from entry-level/junior to SME/Senior level candidates. Our Contract Staffing Services gives organizations the ease and flexibility to scale their workforce based on demand. It also helps organizations onboard niche skills to their workforce for short duration workloads at the most competitive cost. Here are the advantages of using Agile Squad as your preferred workforce partner:

  • All statutory obligations are handled by Agile Squad Inc.
  • No liabilities associated with permanent employment.
  • Allows you to increase staff without increasing headcount.
  • Elimination of valuable time and resources spent in HR & administrative work.
  • Capabilities of terminating the contract at any point in time. (see contingencies)
  • You get a single invoice for services rendered at the end of the month.